Inverness LLC (“Inverness”) is a dedicated property management specialist with a team of experienced and professional Property Managers who ensure the highest standards are maintained in everything we do. Inverness is a leading provider of property management services throughout Arizona, and we also manage properties in Northern and Southern California, as well as New Mexico. Our portfolio includes shopping centers, office buildings, industrial properties, and regional call centers.

Inverness is privately owned and operated, and has been providing property management and leasing services to clients since 1977. Our thirty-eight years of experience has provided us with strong market knowledge throughout the state of Arizona, giving you peace of mind that your asset is in skilled hands.

Our expertise includes the following:

  • A management team with superior experience exceeding twenty five years on average. This ensures that you will be working with a seasoned, capable veteran.
  • We take particular pride in our long term relationships. We have partnered with our many Clients for an average of twelve years, almost unheard of in the industry.
  • We take the “Proceed as if you were the Owner’ approach, instilling a sense of responsibility that goes far beyond the typical Client/Management relationship.
  • Refinancing and asset purchase/disposition services. We integrate services among lenders, inspectors, title agencies, surveyors, and other professionals, ensuring that the process is both properly completed and on time.
  • We work with Clients to ensure that tenanting a property is a priority, raising the bar on expectations by selecting and working directly with brokers best suited to increase occupancy.

Whether you are a developer, investor, or owner, selecting the right Property Manager to manage your assets is critical, and Inverness’ team ensures the highest standards are consistently maintained at all times. Our aim is to offer clients the level of service they deserve which can be hard to find in the typical sales focused real estate office.

Property investors and developers understand that property management is a complex task, and we know that no two properties or clients are the same. Inverness offers our owners a superior property management service that not only makes you feel at ease but also helps gain maximum return for your investment.